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Game Animals
Game animals are typically a diverse group of non-endangered mammals that are hunted for sport. These generally include deer, elk, moose, and fox.
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Poker Dogs: This Game Is Over, 1903 by C.M. Coolidge Poker Dogs: The Game Is Over, 1903 by C.M. Coolidge White-Tailed Deer in Fog by Jason Savage
Bull Elk, Wyoming by Art Wolfe Antlers and All by Marvin Pelkey An Autumn Gentleman by Carl Brenders
Calm Before the Challenge by Carl Brenders On the Run by Kalon Baughan Power and Grace (detail) by Carl Brenders
Bull Moose by Cole Johnson Icon by Cole Johnson Ladies Man by Bonnie Marris
Moose Alert by Orah Moore North Country Moose by Bruce Miller Dream Drive by Bruce Miller
Bison by Teofilo Olivieri Elk by Teofilo Olivieri Deer by Teofilo Olivieri
Fall Romance by Lindsay Scott Above the Timberline by Vic Schendel Band of Brothers by Vic Schendel
Bull Elk in the Stream by Vic Schendel Bull Elk in the Forest by Vic Schendel The Guardian by Vic Schendel
In the Mountains by Vic Schendel Blending In by Vic Schendel Untroubled by Vic Schendel