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Butterflies and other types of insects have been a source of artistic fascination for centuries. With over 20,000 species in the world, butterflies alone can provide the inspiring spark for an immense variety of works of art. The scientifically minded can find detailed renderings of butterflies in all their natural glory. Those with a more whimsical eye can find any number of fanciful portraits of these graceful creatures. And those whose tastes run to geometric art and the abstract will not be disappointed! Indeed, the unaltered wings of many species of butterfly in real life resemble just such a work of art. In the hands of a contemporary artist these patterns provide a fertile source of inspiration!
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Butterfly Heart by Ian Winstanley Tree of Butterflies by Ian Winstanley Butterfly Harmony by Ian Winstanley
Array of Butterflies by Ian Winstanley Scorpio, 1825 by Jehosaphat Aspin Butterfly by Albert Bierstadt
Collection I by  Winter Works Collection II by  Winter Works Collection III by  Winter Works
Collection IV by  Winter Works Honeycomb by Britt Freda Remembering Sweetness by Britt Freda
Rooftop Queens by Britt Freda Summer Bees by Britt Freda Butterflies I by Tandi Venter
Butterflies II by Tandi Venter Butterflies III by Tandi Venter Butterflies IV by Tandi Venter
Fresh Start by Lon French Haida Butterfly by Clarence Mills Dragonfly by Pauline Bull
Hummingbird & Butterfly by Richard Shorty Butterfly and Ravens by Pauline Bull Freedom by Garnet Tobacco
Nature's Gift by Garnet Tobacco Colorful Breeze VI by Lisa Audit Colorful Breeze XI by Lisa Audit