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Two Young Girls at the Piano  by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Guitar Lineup by Jim Baldwin Angel with Violin by Melozzo da Forli
Angel with Lute by Melozzo da Forli Bob Bylan by Dennis Loren Modern Jazz Step by David Garibaldi
Afternoon Urban Stroll by David Garibaldi Move Those Strings by David Garibaldi Music Pink and Blue by Georgia O'Keeffe
Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso Afternoon Sounds by David Garibaldi Sax Solo by Monica Stewart
Trumpet Solo by Monica Stewart Sax Seduction by Monica Stewart Down To the bass by Stuart McClean
Instruments of the Orchestra by  Unknown The Great Composers by  Unknown Jazz Instruments by  Unknown
Armstrong and Holiday by Phil Stern Soloist by Theo Booth String Quartet I by Monte Nagler
String Quartet II by Monte Nagler String Quartet III by Monte Nagler String Quartet IV by Monte Nagler
Musical Angel by Rosso Fiorentino Music Lesson by Lord Frederick Leighton Le Chahut by Georges Seurat