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The Spirit of the Morning by Fritz Zuber-Buhler Dusk by Michael Parkes Strung Together by Duy Huynh
Blue Moon Expedition by Duy Huynh Ophelia, c. 1851 by John Everett Millais Keeping Time by Alicia Armstrong
A Fairy Waving Her Magic Wand Across a Stormy Sea by Amelia Jane Murphy A Fairy Resting Among Flowers by Amelia Jane Murray Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake
Mermaids, 1899 by Gustav Klimt Moving Water, 1898 by Gustav Klimt The Smiling Spider by Odilon Redon
Game Changer by Alicia Armstrong Second Thoughts by Alicia Armstrong Fair Trade Frame of Mind by Duy Huynh
Finding Equilibrium by Duy Huynh Reflective Nature by Duy Huynh Gravitea for Two by Duy Huynh
Big Heart Botany by Duy Huynh Drafting, Drifting ConsciousNest by Duy Huynh High Notes for Low Clouds by Duy Huynh
Slow Food for Thought by Duy Huynh Metamorphosis in Blue by Duy Huynh Boundlessness in Bloom by Duy Huynh
Empty Nest Invocation by Duy Huynh Eternal Companions by Duy Huynh Thanks for the Melodies by Duy Huynh