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Figurative photography is an ever growing part of our figurative section. Most items are in the traditional black and white format but color has made steady inroads over the years, especially in fashion photography. Most items we offer are typically of the fine art nature however there are also many fascinating photos from photojournalists.
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Marilyn Monroe - Red Lips by  Unknown Dorothy True, 1919 by Alfred Stieglitz Georgia O'Keeffe: A Portrait (8), 1919 by Alfred Stieglitz
Georgia O'Keeffe: A Portrait (3), 1918 by Alfred Stieglitz The Steerage, 1907 by Alfred Stieglitz Black Power - 1968 Olympics in Mexico City by  Unknown
Possibilities - Surfer by  Unknown Confidence - Motorbiker by  Unknown Achievement - Golf by  Unknown
Commitment - Runner by  Unknown Determination - Little Pine by  Unknown Determination - Golf by  Unknown
Challenge - Runner by  Unknown Perseverance - Cliffhanger by  Unknown Dare - Snowboarder by  Unknown
A Mile Away from Nowhere by Ruben Ireland Expose Yourself To Art by Mike Ryerson The Kiss by Bertram Bahner
Dancer By the Window by Harvey Edwards Intensity by Harvey Edwards Femme en Vogue I by Bertram Bahner
Babies in Yellow Tub by Jade Albert Expose Youself To Art by M. Ryerson Tee Off ! by  Unknown
Berlin, 1965 by Rico Puhlmann Times Square, New York, 1960 by Rico Puhlmann Ballet Shoes by  Unknown