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Abstract Art
20th Century Abstractionists
Abstract art was born in the 20th century. Considered to be an abomination by some, it quickly emerged as the favorite of avant garde collectors. Picasso, Braque and others introduced the world to cubism while Jackson Pollock pushed the envelope with his drip paintings. It is the period of brash creativity and unabashed experimentation in art.
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L'Etoile Bleue by Joan Miro Le Soleil Rouge by Joan Miro La Chanteuse Melancolique by Joan Miro Les Montres Molles by Salvador Dali
Sana Titre by Joan Miro La Metamorfosi di Narciso by Salvador Dali Apparition du Visage de l'Aphrodite de Cnide dans un Paysage by Salvador Dali Espana by Salvador Dali
La Ciudad de los Cajones, 1936 by Salvador Dali Kampfende Formen (Fighting Forms) by Franz Marc La Tentation de Saint-Antoine (1946) by Salvador Dali Apparition de ma Cousine Carolinetta by Salvador Dali
La Nuit by Joan Miro Le Chanteur by Joan Miro Femme a la Tete de Roses (1935) by Salvador Dali Cinquenta ...tigre real by Salvador Dali
Mirage by Salvador Dali Bacchanale by Salvador Dali Personnages et Chien devant le Soleil by Joan Miro Female Torso by Joan Miro
Painting by Joan Miro Kampfende Formen (Fighting Forms) by Franz Marc Homage a Grohmann (1926) by Wassily Kandinsky Kampfende Formen (Fighting Forms) by Franz Marc
Kampfende Formen (Fighting Forms) by Franz Marc Plat Profond, 1930 by Wassily Kandinsky Paysage de Midi by Nicholas de Stael Courbe Dominante, 1936 by Wassily Kandinsky
Gelb, Rot, Blau (1925) by Wassily Kandinsky Farbstudie Quadrate (c.1913) by Wassily Kandinsky On the Theme of the Last Judgement (1910) by Wassily Kandinsky Landschaft (Landscape) by Auguste Macke
Garden On the Lake by Auguste Macke Rouge by Wassily Kandinsky Standhaftes Grun (Solid Green), 1925 by Wassily Kandinsky Aquarellentwurf, 1914 by Wassily Kandinsky