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Caf_ Society by Mandy Pritty Pasta by  Unknown Herbs and Spices by Ron Fehling
Hot Italian Pizza by Nat Norman Raja Coffee by Henri Meunier Embarcadero Brand Fancy Pears, Santa Clara Valley, U.S. No. 1 by  Unknown
La Rambla Market Hall, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain by  Unknown Hamburger by  Unknown Bread by  Unknown
Pasta by  Unknown Spaghetti & Co. by  Unknown The Colors of Nature by  Unknown
Italian Bread by  Unknown The Great Chili Poster - Fresh by Mark Miller The Great Chili Poster - Dried by Mark Miller
Slow Food for Thought by Duy Huynh Chilies Fresco by Mark Miller Chilies Seco by Mark Miller
The Oyster Poster by  Marinelli Regional Spices - American Grill by  Ziegler/Keating Farfalle by Remo Barbieri
Maccheroni by Remo Barbieri Cucina Italiana I by Remo Barbieri Cucina Italiana II by Remo Barbieri
Pasta Italiano by Remo Barbieri Tomatoes by Remo Barbieri Peppers by Remo Barbieri